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Duct Cleaning

Omega-Travelduct-cleaningCarteret Heating & Cooling, Inc. recommends a complete system cleaning, which includes the air handler.

When cleaning your duct system we will use the Roto-Brush method, which brushes, scrubs and vacuums the system. This method is equipped with a HEPA Filter which eliminates any contaminates from becoming air borne during the duct cleaning process.

In addition to cleaning, the system will be inspected for leaks and damage. Minor damage will be repaired as part of the duct cleaning service.

All supply and return grills and registers will be replaced as needed.

The entire system will be fogged using ENVIROCON. ENVIROCON is a bacteriostat, fungistat, and deodorizer. It destroys odors associated with bacteria, mold, mildew, smoke, animals, and other household smells.

duckcleaning copyWhile ENVIROCON has been tested and proven safe for commercial and residential duct treatment, it is recommended that people with high sensitivity, as well as small pets and birds leave the immediate treatment area for at least 30-45 minutes.

Trained & Certified Staff
Training & certification is conducted at Roto-brush, in Grapevine, Texas under expert supervision in a simulated environment.

Any duct system intrusion or cleaning of the Air handler is required by the general statues of North Carolina to be performed by a licensed heating & air contractor. Any duct cleaning would not be complete without cleaning your air handler.

The Roto-Brush System 
This system scrubs, brushes and vacuums your duct work all at the same time. This technique is very gentle and unobtrusive to your ducts and home. The Roto Brush will handle most residential and small commercial duct systems. With the aid of the Roto-vision camera, the customer is invited to watch the entire process and can receive a video or digital recording upon request. For customers who are out of town this recording can be sent via the internet. We have 4 duct cleaning machines and 4 cameras.

ideo Service

We can provide a digital video or video tape of our duct cleaning services as well as a video inspection of duct work for homeowners, realty companies and potential home buyers. We have 4 cameras to provide this service.

Air Advice Monitor


Air Advice

Air Advice

This is the 1st step that should be taken if someone is suffering from allergies or is having respiratory problems.
This high tech device is placed in a home or office for 3 to 4 days or even weeks to evaluate and record air quality. The Air Advice Monitor can register: Temperature, Humidity, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Dust, Animal Dander, Mold and Chemical Pollutants. These items are recorded with date & time and are downloaded to a independent laboratory. We receive a fully documented report which we share with our customers. The customer decides what action needs to be taken based on the reports recommendation.

“Dirty air makes us sick,” says John White, President, “Everyone deserves to breathe clean air. As Home Advice Certified Specialists, we can assure our customers that we’ve got the expertise, training and the solutions that can help ensure a healthy, comfortable home or work environment.”

Ultra Lite 11
This is a negative pressure duct cleaning machine. The Ultra Lite 11 is capable of pulling a vacuum of 4000 cubic feet per minute on your duct system. The Ultra Lite 11 is used in conjunction with our Viper 2 Clean & Sweep system.

Air Advice

Air Advice

While the Ultra Lite 11 pulls dust & debris from your ducts, compressed air feeds the Viper 2 air sweep which scrubs and brushes debris to the Ultra Lite11 super vacuum. When the dust & debris reaches the Ultra Lite 11 it passes through a four stage filtration process that includes two low penetration Hepa Filters. This 4 stage process cleans the air coming from the duct system (99.97% @ 3 microns). The Ultra Lite 11 also has an attachment that will exhaust air from the duct cleaning process directly outside. This machine is designed for heavy duty cleaning, from large residences to the largest of commercial duct systems. In larger commercial jobs the Ultra Lite11 can be used with our 4 Roto-Brush machines to increase speed and efficiency of work.

Blower Door Tool Test & Duct Blaster Test
The blower door is a high tech device in which the rate of infiltration or air leakage of a home or office can be measured. How much energy is my home losing because of air leaks? This tool can tell you how much & where you are losing energy caused by air leaks. The Duct Blaster is a small version of the blower door device which hooks directly to your duct system. This tool can tell you instantly what conditions your ducts are in as far as losing heat or air conditioning in attics or crawl spaces. This kind of leakage affects directly the air quality of a home as well as the energy efficiency of a central heat & air system. When used together the Blower Door & Duct Blaster tools can help you reach an Energy Star standard of acceptable leakage..This will increase your comfort, air quality and cost of operation.

The Fogger
This tool is designed to produce a light mist which is sprayed into the return ducts after the cleaning process is complete. This mist contains a bacteriostat fungistat deodorizer that is designed to destroy odors, bacteria, mold and mildew. It has a light scent which dissipates within minutes. We have a special solution designed for smoked damaged duct work.

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